Cáceres is the capital of the province of Cáceres in the Spanish Region of Extremadura, in western central Spain, near Portugal. It has around 96000 inhabitants. It is a small city, which makes it quite convenient to walk from one place to another.
Cáceres was declared World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986 because of its Old Medieval Quarter,  one of the three most important historical landmarks in Europe.
What can you do in Cáceres? 
If you want to visit the  Medieval Quarter,  we suggest  to go on  a night tour. A good option -if you understand Spanish- is “Jugglers in Cáceres”, where they will show you the old town while  listening to old tales and stories that will take you back in time to the Middle Ages.
During the day, there are also guided tours available in English, or you can choose to stroll around the old town at your leisure and lose yourself in its streets. You can begin the walk  in the main square, and continue along the old and the new Jewry,  visit the palaces, Cathedral of Saint Mary, Church of San Jorge, Church of San Mateo, The Tower of Bujaco, Arco de la Estrella...
Visiting the museums
In The Museum of Cáceres , once a Moorish Alcazaba, there is  a Hispanic-Arabic Cistern and an important ethnographic collection. The History Museum of Pedrilla  takes you on a historical tour of Extremadura from prehistory to the present day. The Guayasamín house museum has an impressive collection of pre-Columbian and a colonial collection belonging to the painter and sculptor Oswaldo Guayasam.    Helga de Alvear Exhibition Centre, offers  a fantastic modern art collection.
Enjoying our gastronomy
Cáceres is a fantastic place to eat, in fact, it has been declared Spanish gastronomy capital of the year 2015. You can try typical products and dishes like patatera (a spicy spreadable sausage that reminds of chorizo),  migas extremeñas (fried breadcrumbs), torta del Casar (one of the most well known cheeses in Spain); the best Iberiam ham, of course, delicious homemade desserts or the world famous cherries from the Jerte valley...
There is always  something going on in our town and, apart from the visit to the historical monuments mentioned above, the town offers a great variety of cultural activities throughout the year.
Definitely, Cáceres is such a beautiful place!