Kalisz Pomorski is a small polish town situated in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, on the Drawsko Lake District not far from German border. Kalisz Pomorski has about 4500 residents. In this town prevail calm and peace. A lot of people visit Kalisz Pomorski on grounds of tourist attractions which are here. 
Sights in Kalisz Pomorski
Kalisz Pomorski is a place where people from all over Poland readily come. We have developed sports base and we also have a lot of lakes and forests. Our sports base consists of many courts, playgrounds and football pitches. If you like to spend your time with nature, this place is definitely for you!
People who like nature have many possibilities in our town. There are a lot of hiking trails and bike lanes. Moreover, if you like, you can do fishing here. It is very popular here. 
Futhermore, the Drawa National Park is located not far from Kalisz. It is one of the biggest national parks in Poland. There are a lot of  beautiful forests and unique lakes and rivers. Apart from that, our region is famous for canoeing through the area of our national park. Monuments which you must see in our small town are:
- 18th century church 
- A renovated Wedel Palace from 14th century -  there are often interesting exhibitions there and our local library is situated there
- A big grindstone.
If you want to go to the party, there are some pubs and clubs where you can go dancing, or just have some fun. You can be sure that there will be a good atmosphere, kind people and fantastic music. 
Once a year you can take part in a Cucumber Festival. It is a very popular fest, known in the whole of Poland. People from our country come to Kalisz Pomorski, because they want to take part in this amazing fest. You can see how cucumbers are pickled in big barrels. Cucumbers are sunk in one of our lakes, and people bring them out after a year during another Cucumber Festival. It is a perfect occasion to sample typical polish food. This could be for example: bread with lard and pickled cucumbers. On this day in Kalisz Pomorski there are a lot of attractions organised such as concerts of famous Polish artists.
Our town does not have many inhabitants and does not have a big area, nevertheless Kalisz Pomorski is a place, where you will never be bored, and you will always meet kind people! 
Written by Aleksandra Łastówka, 2nd year student